Bottom Entry Mixer

It fixed at bottom or at any certain angle in drum and creates a torus around the work head by radial expulsion and axial suction by the high speed rotating blades in the work head. Here shape of drum also acts as guider for the motion of particles. Its tornado motion creates a through all mixing in the drum.


Level of disintegration can be controlled using various interchangeable heads.

  • Round hole disintegration head
  • Slotted disintegration head
  • Square hole disintegration head
  • Emulsifying Screen

Offered Bottom Entry Mixer has a drum fixed at bottom or at any specific angle, where it effectively creates a torus all around the working head. It has interchangeable working heads varying from Round hole disintegration head, Slotted disintegration head to Square hole disintegration head, where the high speed rotation of blades take place, for the purpose of mixing high viscous materials. In different industries, like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and chemicals, offered Bottom Entry Mixer is being used. This easily installable machine can be accessed in different dimensions. Due to the help of tornado motion, mixing is done in this drum.

Features of Bottom Entry Mixer :-

  • It is equipped with emulsifying screen
  • This is ideally used for mixing viscous materials
  • It is easy to install
  • It sturdily constructed