Contra Mixer

This optimum grade of Contra Mixer efficiently works on the principal of contra rotation. It is equipped with effective grade of rotatory blades, which perform several operations, like beating and scrapping. In various industrial sectors, varying from food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics to chemicals, this heavy duty equipment, is used for the production of several products, such as cosmetics, toothpastes, creams and many more. Offered Contra Mixer is provided with central shaft, which has paddle type blades on both the sides, which are used for thoroughly mixing materials. This highly efficient machine is constructed by the process of casting and forging, with the utilization of strong grade of metals. It is specially designed in a way, which has the ability to withstand high vacuum.Features of Contra Mixer : It is used for optimum mixing of materials.It is provided with a jacket, which is used for heating and cooling purposes. It is resistant towards corrosion. This follows easy installation processes.