Emulsion Plants

you get more than a mixer…you get mixing solutions

VK Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that fabricates a range of plant and machinery for food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The Emulsion Plants in our range cover several models includes automatic and semi-automatic. In comparison to road bitumen, bitumen emulsion is regarded as more beneficial in several road paving applications. Bitumen emulsion is free flowing, which can be explained in a better way as oil-in-water type of emulsion. Based on the application, bitumen content in the emulsion is determined, generally is between 40% to 70%. Low viscosity bitumen emulsion when applied on the road, it spreads on the surface and penetrates in all cracks & pores, and strongly bond with them. It strong adheres to the surface because of the electrically charged ions.

The automated emulsion plant is designed to facilitate reception and storage of raw material, heat raw material at specific operating temperature, store finished product, load emulsion in drum and weight product. Bitumens of several penetration grades are used to manufacture emulsions. There are storage tanks for storing the most commonly used bitumens. Bitumen is solid at ambient temperature and is heated to achieve liquid stage before using it for making emulsion. Heated bitumen and water are added in the manufacturing process. In order to carry out a road construction project, mobile emulsion plant can be used at the site. We also provide fixed type emulsion plant for bitumen emulsion production companies.

Other than bitumen emulsion, we also provide plant that can produce other emulsions for food industry like mayonnaise; pharmaceutical industry like ointments and cosmetic industry like creams. All emulsion are made based on the oil-to-water ratios. Customers from different industrial sector can discover our range of emulsion plants to get an appropriate plant. Continuous blending or two phases agitation can result in emulsions.

The V K Industries' emulsion plants are designed to meet the high demands for modern emulsion technology.

We use an in-line system which offers the possibility to produce all types of emulsions such as tack-coat, surface dressing, and polymer modified slurry. A great advantage of the in-line system is that there is no need to premix any chemicals or water solutions; all is added during production. The ingredients are injected individually into the system and can be controlled separately without influencing each other. This provides high flexibility in the production phase.

All plants are equipped with a unique control system which guaranties easy operation and constant and homogeneous production. This together with the rest of the plants quality components results in emulsions of high quality in each and every production.