Ketchup Plants

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VK Industries Pvt. Ltd. can make you available ketchup plant for your production line. This plant can be accommodated to produce ketchup, along with puree, paste, sauce and juice. Ketchup is an years old recipe, famous among everyone irrespective of age and gender. It is served with fried foods, like french fries, cutlets as well as fast-foods, like burger, pizza and sandwiches. Ketchup is produced by blanching, pulping and processing tomatoes into puree and then treating puree to produce ketchup. The ketchup produced are packaged in pouches, bottles and cans.

The process of making ketchup starts with washing raw tomatoes in washing unit, sorting the tomatoes, crushing them into slurry in crusher and collecting the paste in the tank. The crushed paste is heated at a required temperature and then discarded into pulper for extracting juice. Till this processing step, enzymes are deactivated, maximum pulp of good color is obtained without any contamination . In this process, seeds, skin and other waste material are separated. The refined juice is boiled at low temperature under vacuum. This process preserve the organoleptic characteristics of this fruit. The concentrated puree is passed to pasteurizer for pasteurization and then cooled to be filled in drums.

This plant integrates equipment, like washing unit, sorting conveyor, fruit mill, pulper cum finisher, vacuum evaporator, double jacketed steam kettle, pasteurizer and formulation tank. There are several models available, which can be identified with capacity tank, capacity work, agitator, etc. Customers can select the model based on their requirement.

We can Supply the turnkey Project for Tomato Processing Line to get the finish product as Tomato Puree, Tomato Paste, Tomato Ketchup and Sauce. These plants are provided with a series of assembly line machines for washing, sorting, pulping, and processing of tomatoes for their puree and their final treatment for making ketchups. These plants are designed in accordance with the latest technology to suit the industry specific demands of our clients. We can give you Manual Tomato Puree/Ketchup Plant & also of any size production for fully automatic tomato ketchup plant. The Finish Product can be packed in cans, Jars, Bottles or Pouches.