Mayonnaise Plants

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Mayonnaise, invented by French chef of the Duc de Richelieu in the year 1756, is today an essential fast-food ingredient. This white, creamy, thick sauce is added into burgers, rolls, wraps, tacos, sandwiches and salads, as well as used as a dip sauce along with vegetable fritters, french fries and nuggets. This sauce is a result of emulsification process carried out by ingredients, like vinegar with dissolved salt & lemon juice powder, vegetable oil, water with dissolved sugar, egg yolk, lemon juice powder, etc. The flavor is a blend of sweet and salty. The flavor of this sauce can be enhanced by adding sat and other herbs. Egg-free mayonnaise can also be produced for vegans. Recipes possible using this sauce are omelette, cutlets, tomato pie, cheesy bread, potato salad, and many more. Commercial mayonnaise prepared have life of up to six months when stored in refrigerator.

Customers can select the plant based on their production requirement regarding production rate, and in-line or batch production. Batch production plant are good for producing up to 1000 kg in a hour. In order to produce mayonnaise more than 1000kg/h, it is better to opt for in-line process or continuous process.

When operating Mayonnaise Plant, the operator can control the dose of the ingredients by adjusting processing parameters during production. The operator can make sure that the sauce produced has ideal viscosity, composition and structure. The Mayonnaise Plant features tank with gear pump, in-tank mixer, SS tank, agitator, in-line homogenizer, and more equipment and components. This plant can be utilized for mixing, homogenizing and emulsification applications.