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RUTF/ RUSF Plant is designed to produce RUTF ( ready-to-use therapeutic food) and RUSF (ready-to-use supplementary food). The demand for the aforementioned food in the global market is on the rise and is expected to grow in the future. The factors behind the higher demand are many, for instance growing cases of malnutrition because of increasing population, increasing concerns from government and NGOs regarding this issue, and increasing disaster and emergency cases worldwide. The RUTF is available in bar, biscuits, drinkable powdered, blends, paste and liquid forms, while RUSF are available in solid/ powder, semi-solid/ paste forms. The RUTF and RUSF are UNICEF approved dietary supplements that are meant for nutritional, therapeutic purposes. These food products are given specially to malnourished children or elderly people who lack nutrition in their diet.

The RUTF/ RUSF Plant is designed to perform ingredients grinding, blending, degassing and packaging. We serve RUTF processing industry with our high performance plant, which is based on our knowledge and research. The semi automatic and automatic versions of RUTF/ RUSF Plant can be employed to produce food in solid, powder and paste forms. This plant will produce RUTF and RUSF, lipid‐based foods and nutrient supplements, which are safe to consume and have long shelf life. Ready-to-use supplementary and therapeutic foods can prevent and treat chronic and acute malnutrition. The plant uses heat treatment technology to produce RUTF and RUSF.

This plant is available in different models, which can be identified by technical specifications, like plant capacity, agitator, homogenizer, packing hopper, etc. This plant features high shear in-line mixer, food safe scrappers, mixing tanks with agitators, in-line metal detector, stainless steel contact parts, etc.