Top Entry Mixer


High speed rotation of rotor blades in work head creates a powerful suction in vertical upward direction and draws liquid and solid material to the blades.


Centrifugal force projects material to the slots of work head with very high pressure.


This is followed by intense hydraulic shear through perforation in stator.


Continuous axial suction and radial expulsion creates a tornado motion of the material and an ideal disintegration takes place.


Level of disintegration can be controlled using various interchangeable heads.

  • Round Hole Disintegration Head
  • Slotted Disintegration Head
  • Square Hole Disintegration Head
  • Emulsifying Screen
500 5
500 7.5
500 10
1500 15
2000 20
2500 25

Top Entry Mixer consists, several components, such as round hole disintegration head, emulsifying screen, slotted and square hole disintegrated head. With the help of the centrifugal force, which is known for projecting material to the work head slots at high pressure, which allows the rotor blades present in work head for high speed rotation. Offered Top Entry Mixer has a mixing vessel attached at its top, where mixing processing takes place. Ideal disintegration takes place, by creating a tornado motion due to continuous axial suction and radial expulsion. Its rotor blades, is known for performing high speed rotation, where solid and liquid materials are being mixed.

Features of Top Entry Mixer :-

  • It is equipped with several modular components
  • It is known for performing disintegration process
  • It is processed intense hydraulic shear
  • It functions on high pressure