Processing Machine For Mixing, Blanding, Size Reduction, Emulsifying, Disintegration and Homogenising.

How Tornado works?

Process I

Liquid is loaded and large pieces of solid material are put into the vessel or tank and the motor fitted with work head attracts down the large lumps into pieces which further breaks them into small pieces with a high speed section capacity of rotor inside the work head. The small pieces start getting attracted into the interior of work head. The high centrifugal force rips against the expelled material gradually from and material is further sheared by the rotator.

Process II

The large pieces of solid material are further fragmented into small pieces. The material is pushed horizontally towards the vessel from the work head & then forced back to the top of the vessel & then centrally for the final disintegration.

Process III

Once the material is disintegrated to a small size, the particles are pushed out from the vessel, processed through the inline high shear rotator / Multi Shear Mill. The particles are pumped back into the top edge walls of the vessel & turns into fine suspension.

Process IV

As per the requirement of material demand, samples can be taken off during the process also. After the material is uniformly mixed, the result is a homogenized suspended solution. Before the final batch is out, the additives if required to standardize the product can be added into the vessel or by inline mixer / Multi Shear Mill loop. The final batch liquid can be drained by inline mixers or a separate self-drain outlet.